There was an excursion to the northernmost tip of Manhattan, an elevated outpost bordered by  much water and covered in urban forest. We walked through Fort Tryon Park, past the Cloisters, to Inwood Hill Park and around the bend, along the mouth of the Harlem River to have shish kebabs on a bench.

There were walks along the banks of the East River, Brooklyn side, at and past sunset. A sad realization there, as it turns out that the entire Promenade – which is built right on top of the BQE highway – shakes permanently so badly that there is no way to do decent tripod-mounted long exposures.

And of course there was a ride almost to the end of Long Island where, after a working visit to the nurseries, we detoured towards the beach and found a jewel. Set on the north shore of Long Island, very close to the tip, that stretch of sand was nearly empty of human presence and trash, and caressed by the tiniest waves of pristine and tropical-looking water.