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“- Yeah, and good old Muddy’s entire family was culled last week after he got carried away and led them through a fence into a tented camp. Best bushes and leaves ever, y’know? Never touched, all organic and first growth. Any way, he’d miscalculated his appetite and brought a whole tree down onto a couple of occupied tourist tents. Dude, these little pests exploded like pop-corn! I heard it from all the way across the Olifants River, I was taking exit 45 to the Southern Banks.

– His entire family? Even the little Clarinet, the cute one who’s scared of mice?

– Yup. And her mom Trumpeter.

– That’s just not right, it’s ethnic cleansing, no matter what they call it.

– Yup. Any way, as I was saying… Wait a minute, dude, you’re not crying are you?

– ‘ Course not, uh, I just have dust in my eye…”

I have dust in my eye

«Slingshot to Kruger» Series

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