Below is a graphic representation of the pace at which my current bookmaking project is moving along. It will be a self-published feature to start with but I am planning on using it to try and get an official bite later.

The 13×11 in. 100-page photo book is called Roasted in the Namib and is a collection of images and text based on the stories posted in here about the 2009 Namib road trip. I had to re-process all the pictures for maximum size and in CMYK and reformatted the text into a single story.

I had studied the book formatting and publishing theory thoroughly in 2005 when I published Les aventures d’un GO désorganisé, but that was a regular novel-size and text-only book and followed French guidelines which turn out to be slightly different from English grammar and composition rules.

This has been very different and quite interesting. I just hope the printing will be up to my hopes and expectations.

The book will be printed on-demand by Stay tuned for more details.

Tortoise crossing the road near Paternoster, South Africa

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