3 short hours ago, I was going to bed after staying up very late into the night at Waves on Richards, working on new features for the blog. But there was a forecast of fog banks for this morning and I set the alarm for 6:30 am. Now that I am comfortably sitting on the bus headed downtown I could probably drift back to a much needed sleep.

It seems the fog hasn’t happened after all, at least not in the area. It’ll be a gorgeous day, though, and the camera is itching to come out of the bag. Film crews are setting up here and there, they probably haven’t slept more than me.

I’ll stop at the tower to take a panorama of the city and tickle the morning crew. Then I might hop on the Seabus, cross the Burrard Inlet and head up to Grouse Mountain. Or l might catch a bus southbound and get lost in Whiterock. There will be water near or far. There’s also coffee in my not so distant future, and probably some more later.

I’ve got the whole day ahead of me. I’ve got all life to get there. I’ll take the long way home.