Every year in September, Brooklyn’s Atlantic Avenue turns into the tame monster of a street fair. Hundreds of kiosks, vendors, merchants, various opportunists and also music bands line both sides of the finally-turned-pedestrian street. Hundreds of  thousands of people congregate to the event and clog the space, strolling lazily, sampling delicious food and sipping beer in designated spots. Marie and I had our ritual sardines and sausage and decided that our ‘hood remains the coolest.

Here’s one of my only snapshots of the day, taken while a band played good jazz. As it turns out, they were the Dysfunctional Family Jazz Band and the man is no other than Tony Garnier, said to be Bob Dylan’s long time bass player. I hope he will wander onto this blog and like the shot. The band was good. I admire and respect musicians; they are magicians, tapping into their soul to reach ours.