I’m late. The crossing is long over. ‘Been working on the web site and picture processing took a plunge. Anyhoo, here’s the deal:

Once a year, Atlantic Street is blocked off between  below Henry all the way to 4th. Nearby stores and others not so near send in a crew and set up little street kiosks. Everything goes, from food to drinks to arts to hats to music and events. Then hundreds of thousands of people flock in. The place is jam-packed. It lasts all day.

So the crossing is actually a long one-way, slow-paced drifting ride along the human tide. You eat, you drink, you stop, you drift, you eat. It’s one way because after a full-street-length crowd overdose, you probably don’t have the guts and energy to go back the way you came, so you take a shortcut on an adjacent street. The calm there soothes you.

Street food is just that, yet the sardines were quite excellent! Of all places, a Brooklyn street festival isn’t where I would have expected to find such good fish. An island, maybe. A small fishing village in the middle of nowhere. But here… Go figure.