Bear with me. Many habits have to be twisted. Bearings shall be taken. Solutions must be drafted and ideas might sprout.

It could be  as simple as looking for a spot to lay my laptop or a way to hang clothes. Sometimes it’s as comical as comparing our evolutions in the tiny flat to that of submarine crew members. Everything has a place, square inches must not be wasted and sequence does matter. The bowl goes on the shelf before the cup or it will not fit.

It’s chaos theory at its funny best. The cat meowing a snappy order for someone to clean his litter box triggers a chain of seemingly uncoordinated events that depend on our close quarters coordination and flexibility, as all three of us do not always fit in the same space simultaneously.

We are learning an intricate dance, the ultimate demonstration of symbiosis, and loving it. The submarine is cozy and comfortable, though, and so tastefully decorated; no sharp metal edges here nor hard bunk beds. And it has a gorgeous pink terrace instead of a periscope. When we want to surface and watch the world, we just slide a door open and walk into the garden.

So my initial posting patterns will most probably be inarticulate or erratic while I gather momentum and define a new operational routine. I am severely distracted by Marie’s divine cooking and Estorbo’s fierce appetite for affection and  the strangest foods. I’ve taken many pictures already, most of which probably won’t make it to the blog. But again, bear with me. Order will come.

For now, as I am experimenting with new running routes and dealing the best I can with the unbearable lightness of being on extended leave, here are a couple of pictures taken from a New York rooftop while Marie was meeting with a Russian TV crew.

This bumble bee, oblivious to all that media frenzy, took off right into my lens on a critical mission to the next flower. The mighty Empire State Building was asleep in the background…