Yup… And the brand new Convention Centre I was glorifying a few days ago just had a major ceiling water leak and subsequent flooding, three weeks form opening. Murphy’s Law in action, or just fatality and maths (as in large new building = large chance of mishaps early on)?

Hey, this is Vancouver; expect water to fall one way or another!

Here’s from a recent email of our industry friend Doug regarding tourism – or the lack thereof – in Vancouver:

Gulf War #1
Dot com bust


Gulf War #2

Wall Street Meltdown
Housing Meltdown

Winter from Hell

Cruiseships leaving*
Swine Flu

New Convention Centre leaking

Bring it on baby!

Keep Calm and Carry On.

* Note to foreigners: the cruise ships leaving issue is actually a very serious
one as some of the major cruise lines have elected not to come back to Vancouver
next year and divert to Seattle instead, which represents millions of
tourist-dollars gone south.