Two days ago, almost a year after an unprecedented storm devastated Stanley Park, the entire Seawall was reopened to the public. It will have taken all this time to restore the northwestern section of the path after hurricane strength winds downed 10,000 trees in December 2006 and caused major landslides that forced the closure.

Today, a little before sunset, I went for my first run around the park – and I mean literally around, not through it like I have been doing for the last year. The Seawall was packed; strollers, bikers, runners, rollerbladers, everyone was rediscovering their long lost love. Siwash Rock stood proudly in a shy sunset, the path was clean and the cliffs shone in the ever-present water dripping down their face.

It was a tough run, the right leg refusing to adjust and hovering just short of a cramp for the entire time. But my heart was light. I have never seen a more beautiful run anywhere. Welcome back all, to the Seawall!