These are glimpses of a lunch down in Cape Town.

It would seem that I promised pictures of the Food Barn in a recent post and never delivered, so here we are.

Chef Franck Dangereux left La Colombe a few years ago to start his own barn, and has been quite successful at it. Delicious food, quite an amazing place as you can see, despite noisy upstairs diners – it’s all wood after all…

So these images were taken at his place on the day we flew back home to New York except the last picture, a not yet jet lag-ged but already tired shot of a breakfast-slash-late-night snack, the blue hour, some 48 hours later, stepping off a plane, catching another, in search of a fix for our blurring day and night times, Amsterdamn’s Schiphol Airport. Typo intended.

Steak Tartare at Franck Dangereux’s Food Barn
The Food Barn
Farewell bubbly
Pretty corner
One never leaves on an empty stomach – My departure diet
Aerial view of the dessert
Early morning in Amsterdam Schiphol