It had been a while since I last visited the very cool world of Wordle and I was thrilled to find an option that I did not remember from before: the applet now analyzes not only your own submitted text but also an entire web page as per the given URL. So I ran Coriolistic Anachronisms through it as a test and as always, I like the looks of it so much I feel compelled to show it. 

Here, hence, is Wordle’s rendition of this very blog’s main page, based on pure word frequency and adjusted for my taste of colors and orientation. I like to think that this is the view a crawling bot gets when visiting. It’s quite interesting to be shown so simply the trends behind my own train of thought, the vocabulary I tend to use most (or should I say too often), the major keywords and the re-emerging topics.

I intend to run and post this test once a month, since it will change with each new entry added to the page. It’s art, if nothing else.

And here is my favourite blog: