10:15 on (another) Tuesday night

After staring at the city through my giant windows for a long, long time, I’ve come to the conclusion that modern society thrives on individual unhappiness, which is the opposite of… happiness, yes. And by happiness, I mean a broader condition than just smiley-happy, of course. I mean balance, fulfillment, joy, evolution, satisfaction, peace, etc. But all these things are really non-productive to our society in its present stage.

Here’s my point: unhappy people have cravings and addictions. They eat more, they drink more – they buy more. They spend money. So a capitalist society needs an unhappy population to prosper. So does a religion; unhappy people tend to need miracles. They need to pray more often. They hope for salvation. They seek guidance and counseling. Politics also rely on the unhappiness of the voters. The electoral process is based on the power of dissatisfaction rather than that of satisfaction. Happy people probably won’t vote as much and if they do they won’t elect the most eager and corrupted parties. The war machine needs unhappy people to support its absolute craziness and to approve killing in the name of this and that. The entertainment industry feeds on unhappy people because they are the prime audience, being more vulnerable and more easily influenced. An unhappy society is a gold mine.

So in the end, being happy despite the trend is basically latent anti-conformism. Hippies might have been right in more than one way. To be happy is to protest the stupidity of our society, it’s a form of passive resistance to the self-destructive tendencies of our race. Happy people go against the flow. They not only have to protect themselves from the demons inside, but from those outside too. So kudos to happiness. And here are my two happy pictures of the day.