Since there are no tropical storms roaming around the Caribbean at this time, the West Coast has decided to pick up the flag and go ahead with some nasty weather of its own. The Seattle area is issuing Gale and Flood Warnings for tonight and as for us, well, here’s part of the Environment Canada special warning:

Greater Vancouver
3:36 PM PST Thursday 9 November 2006
Wind warning for
Greater Vancouver continued
Strong southeast winds of 70 to 100 km/h will increase to 120 this evening.

Ouch. That’s hurricane strength on the Beaufort scale. Déjà vu. Except that going body surfing in the storm waves is out of the question and when the fury subsides, there will be no warm sand to make up for the rain and the wind. The clouds, however, will be as brilliant. Because the sky… But that will be my next post.