Being hardcore Brooklynites, Marie and I have a hard time admitting that anywhere else in New York can match our views, our parks and our waterfront.

Looking back at the Lower Manhattan from the new South Street Seaport space

Yet walking north from Manhattan’s Battery Park along the East River, I recently had a couple of good surprises. The first was finally visiting the freshly opened museum-adjacent area right next to our infamous South Street Seaport. While the main building of the Seaport remains tourist heaven – and hell – the new addition adds wide open  space that is still empty, wonderful views in all directions and an ultramodern look that manages to blend in with its surroundings.

The Manhattan and Brooklyn bridges seen from Manhattan

Then further up, once passed the Brooklyn Bridge, there is a very nice stretch of waterfront promenade complete with the only beach I know west of the Dead Horse Bay, an eerie sci-fi ceiling made up of the FDR highway and eastern scenery that is impeccably framed by two stunning bridges.