The Print Shop, version 2.0, is in the final stages of its rebirth. It will be hosted – and orchestrated – by the fine folks over at SmugMug, but integrated into my main site Vincent Mounier Photography (VMP) for a seamless experience.

Some of you have been requesting a way to purchase prints of images posted on Coriolistic Anachronisms or the main site,  and the shop will allow just that. A variety of print sizes, photo finishes, framing and mounting options will be available.

SumgMug uses professional labs and the results will be stunning, with choices ranging from traditional stretched canvas to ultra-modern and slick looking off-the-wall metallic prints on aluminum plates.

The Print Shop Home Page – This is work in progress

Over the next few posts, I will be introducing the Print Shop in more details, discussing the choice of a print, the ordering process, shipping and other considerations. A limited number of images will initially be featured but the collection will grow over time.

It is important to keep in mind that many of the images that accompany stories I post in here on the blog look great on an LCD screen, downsized to a resolution of some 1300 x 900 pixels, but would not necessarily make good prints.

That being said, I would encourage everyone to send me their print requests and suggestions. If a photo is mentioned that is not already available,  I will review the original file to decide whether or not go include it. In some cases, I might consider special orders for prints that will otherwise not be publicly offered.

This should be exciting! Stay tuned for more details…