These are fun, busy days. Yesterday saw a second Vancouver-Frenchie coffee-blog-turned-Indian-Food get-together. Steph and Fab told me all there is to know about the French blogging scene, and Lyon’s in particular. Good times!

The Vancouver 2006 Tourism Challenge has officially started, so my next few posts will obviously be focusing on the Greater Vancouver attractions. Click above to read more about the very clever Vancouver Tourism and Attractions incentive to keep its main workforce updated (and motivated) about everything the city has to offer. A fantastic formula if you ask me, and unique too, as far as I know. Correct me if I’m wrong. In any case, from now on, it’s all about stamps.

I started the race today by going to see IMAX Deep Sea 3D – yet again – and walking out of the theatre totally thrilled – once again. Then there was the Storyeum, a theatrical adventure through B.C.’s history presented by actors in a 65,000 square feet underground playground, accessed via gigantic elevators with a 200 people capacity each and including an 88% scale replica of the first CPR locomotive to pull a passenger train across Canada. We did miss Dinosaurs though, because we wanted to get to IMAX on time. Priorities, priorities…

And then I finished by running around downtown and quickly visiting the main hotels, for a few more stamps, to have been there and know what I’m talking about, and mostly to keep up with Silvia and not lose the bet… ;-)

Stay tuned for more visit reports this week-end.