2009 Update: I’m afraid the digital arts gallery has been removed since posting this. It just didn’t belong on the web site.

They are hybrids. Born from a combination of photography and digital painting, the newcomers of the Digital Art section keep defying my attempts at categorization. I guess that’s why I called it that way.

I’ve selected a few photographs that don’t appear in the photo galleries and subjected them to a highly sophisticated process called “super – re – color – enhancing – filter – painting – retouch – metering”…

Ok, maybe not. But I do use a very cool photoshop plugin that converts a photo into a painting by applying brush strokes to the image. Of course, the result is a little too automatic looking, so I then hand-retouch the whole image with different custom brushes using a tablet and stylus.

May my aunt Marie (who is a real painter, and an awesome one too) forgive me for choosing the screen instead of a canvas, but I am an incorrigible child of the 21st century. Check out the results in the second half of the Digital Art gallery.