8:30 pm. People are cheering in the street! This is not even a US city, it’s Vancouver, Canada!

As per all major US networks, Mr. Obama has already won the race, and set many records. When the hang-over subsides, reality is going to kick in harder than ever. The man will have very small shoes to fill, but an immense load to carry. He is going to need a serious set of muscles, and a mind of steel.

But for the first time in a long time, it seems he, at least, can actually pull it off.

‘nough said. :-)

For now, I’ll just join the world and smile.

Update: And a very smart, impressive acceptance speech to top it all off. I love the way he brought the whole world into the equation. The man has such charisma he could be an actor. Damn I wish I hadn’t said that. ;-)