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Vincent Mounier Photography

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Vincent Mounier Photography, like a space station oblivious to the pull and tear of gravity and acceleration, is composed of three separate modules connected by sheer will and a few links.

  1. VMP – Coalescent Pixels (you are here): This is the main website and it hosts the photo galleries.
  2. Coriolistic Anachronisms: That is the blog. It was actually born first and goes back to 2005.
  3. Custom Prints: Hosted by SmugMug until further notice, that section is where you can buy select prints featured on the blog and in the galleries.

A full sitemap is also here, but that’s mostly for search engines.

I hope you will enjoy your space walk and find the transition between modules seamless enough.

You can reach me by email using the contact form. I will reply at the speed of light.

For a more immersive experience on any creative website, I suggest switching temporarily to your browser’s Fullscreen mode (F11 on Windows, CMD+CTRL+F on Mac) to immerse yourself without the distraction of a URL bar and menus.

Windows is vastly superior to Mac in that area as F11 simply hides everything but the web page.

Once you enter a gallery’s actual slideshow mode I strongly recommend that you click on the Fullscreen icon at the top right (third from right) if you are on a Mac to get a perfectly clean fullscreen display. On Windows, F11 should have gotten you there already.

Navigate back and forth through slideshows with keyboard arrows. You can also use the Autoplay function to sit back and watch (second icon from the top-right). Click anywhere outside the image to exit the slideshow. Press Esc or the same key as above to exit the browser’s Fullscreen mode. This is how I like to do my EVA’s.

You can scroll down any page with your mouse’s wheel, or common gestures on trackpads and touch screens. I have done away with scrollbars which I consider to be an antiquated browser/design element, they break a page’s harmony, especially in full screen mode.

Nobody use them anymore and if they did serve as a hint that more content was available up or down on a page, I think it is instinctive to look for it with the mouse wheel when needed.

A limited number of images are available as fine art prints, please see the Prints menu item top-right, or here.