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Month: February 2008

A very sweet day
February 29, 2008
Always, On the road, Photoblogs, Schtroumpfissime, South Africa
Something just came up, tonight, which reminded me of the Little Prince; what's essential might be temporarily invisible to the eyes but is always seen quite well with one's...
Next stop: Ronnie's Sex Shop
February 27, 2008
Always, On the road, Photoblogs, South Africa
Picture a long, hypnotically desert stretch of dryness leading to Barrydale, Little Karoo. The landscape is arid and flattened by an immense sky, modest rolling hills only...
From Porterville to the Map of Africa
February 27, 2008
Airborne, Always, On the road, South Africa
For reasons far out of one's control, the paragliding side of this SA trip was rather thin. While the weather was mostly stunning, it was rarely flyable and we frankly had so much...
Picnic on the Lion's Head
February 26, 2008
Always, On the road, Photoblogs, South Africa
It was late afternoon. We packed up a picnic - Marie being the absolute queen and ruler of such things - hopped in the Kombi and hit the road, bound for Lion's Head. We were not...
February 23, 2008
Always, Fauna, On the road, South Africa
South Africa, in the mind of most people, is synonymous with game. Not poker. Not soccer. Game. As in big animals. No, not B'ush. Animals that are hunted down. And go on four...