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As a reader, you are now visiting a place that – given the time, energy and level of caring I have expended on it – I lovingly call my virtual home. While your visitor status automatically grants you unconditional hospitality, there remain a few rules and principles I would be grateful for all visitors to abide by. Doing so, you will make both of our lives much easier. Our Privacy and Cookies policy is here.

Rules of Conduct

A blog is by nature meant to be a bilateral exchange between writer(s) and readers and I welcome all comments a priori. Your opinions, thoughts, related stories, constructive criticism and suggestions are quintessential to the survival of my efforts.

There are, however, a few things I will not tolerate in here in order to keep the blog accessible and enjoyable to all, and safe. Comments containing excessive swearing, defamation, racism or any other content blatantly lacking respect to others will be deleted. The above of course applies to my own posting too. The keyword is respectful, not to be confused with agreeing.

Reciprocal links to your personal web site or blog are encouraged as long as the link is entered in the appropriate box in the form. Writing more than one link in the text section of the comment will get it deleted. Using a commercial web site as your home page will in most cases get you deleted as it is considered spamming.

In most cases, my spam blocker catches spam before it gets published. Obvious spamming efforts will get your comment deleted and your IP banned permanently.

Comment moderation is off for recent comments but turned on for older comments. If your comment gets moderated and you haven’t breached the above rules, please be patient and I will approve it asap.

Finally, you may use the following guidelines to assess your behavior while visiting:

  • Drinking coffee: allowed
  • Pajamas: allowed
  • Praise (silent): tolerated
  • Praise (aloud): much better
  • Leaving site to check Dow Jones: forbidden
  • Opening new tab to check the Dow Jones: tolerated
  • Cat on lap: encouraged
  • Munchies: be selective
  • Tear in the eye: I won’t tell
  • Jealous of my pictures: forbidden. You can do it too
  • Plagiarism: forbidden by law
  • Spamming: forbidden. Spammers will be shot with f/12 aperture gauge on site (too many puns here)

Copyrights and usage

Short quotes are always allowed, this is the web, after all. However, no integral or extensive publishing, republishing, copy, quoting, reuse, or any other duplicating or reproduction of my content, text or photos, is allowed without my explicit prior authorization. If and when approved, above usage shall always include appropriate linking to the source and credits.

All content, photos and text are Copyright © 2005-2024 Vincent Mounier, All Rights Reserved. As the seagulls would say, “Mine!”.

Unauthorized use of copyrighted content implies acceptance of usage fees varying from $100 to $1000 per item and an invoice will be sent, payable within 30 days of receipt.

Thank you for your cooperation. Enjoy your visit and don’t forget to bookmark!