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Where shall I put this one? I guess we could call it a mathom of blog entries and let it collect dust…

Bagna Cauda
June 2, 2008
Well, it was a first attempt. To be picky, I must say I don't like the way the oil seems to have separated a touch from the content, but that might be because I took too long...
Poulet aux 40 gousses d'ail
November 26, 2007
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Mission briefing: 1 chicken, rinsed, patted dry (you can also use chicken pieces) Olive oil, about 3 Tbsp (tablespoons) 2 heads of garlic, all the cloves separated....
Busy times
August 7, 2007
Given that I'm quite busy these days working on parallel projects - like backing up and sorting my entire photography database (over 40 GB) and revamping all the photo galleries...
August 1, 2007
Second attempt at shooting the fireworks tonight. Now what is it I was supposed to do about the camera, again? I've got this nagging feeling I'm forgetting...