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Hurricane Sandy Hits NYC

On October 30, 2012, category 1 hurricane Sandy hit the Eastern Seaboard and caused great devastation, mostly through a storm surge of up to 14 feet. Sandy was the largest (but not strongest) Atlantic hurricane on record with over 1000 miles in wind diameter.

As Life Goes on in New York City

Three weeks ago, hurricane Sandy hit the city like a ton of bricks. A week later, it was a nasty nor’easter and the first snow fall of the year. Already weak in the crotch, pear trees gave up. Strike one Strike two But life goes on and I launched on yet another night run around […]

Sandy’s Aftermath: Chaos in the Rockaways

Exactly two weeks after long inhibited category 1 hurricane Sandy unleashed her post-tropical moods on the Eastern Seaboard, much remains to be done in New York towards a complete recovery. So many still lack power and heat that the drama is wearing off and both media and public awareness are slowly drifting away from the crisis, their senses blunted by fifteen […]

And Manhattan Falls Asleep

With power coming back to her Don Quichottesque giants in increments, Lower Manhattan goes to sleep on yet an another partially dark night, Monday November 5, 2012. Shot in HDR well after sunset from the Brooklyn Bridge Park. Patches of light emerging in Lower Manhattan Brooklyn (foremost) and Manhattan Bridges Classic Brooklyn Bridge Park view […]


No chaos, no damage, no devastation, no visible sign of trouble. A simple horizon-full of gantry cranes like our friend Frank likes to paint it. NJ seen from across the New York Harbor

More Post-Sandy Coverage, While I’m at It

Not so much has changed*. Lower Manhattan heads into another dark night, emergency crew lights everywhere Our mayor has finally cancelled the NYC Marathon that was to be held on Sunday, after being pressured in all directions from all sides – and I have no doubt that some sides were dark and definitely not so […]

In the Aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, a Limited Pixel Essay

Marie and I took a walk along the Red Hook waterfront in Brooklyn on the day after impact. Then last night, 48 hours after hurricane force winds and record-high storm surge combined to extreme tides flooded many areas of the New York City boroughs, I went for a late afternoon run across the Brooklyn Bridge and into Manhattan’s Financial District, […]

Sandy Be Gone

Twenty-four hours after the strongest winds were felt, New York City is in recovery mode, idle, disoriented, licking her wounds. It could have been worse, yet it could have been so much better. Wide-spread power outages and flooding, downed trees, drifting cars, sinking tunnels, skinned buildings, collapsing cranes, casualties, the Media has shown it all, there is […]

A Very Cool Wind Picture

As recently downgraded hurricane Sandy, now a tropical storm, still unleashes the strongest gusts so far on our little terrace – the northeast quadrant always being bad news – do yourself a favor and have a look at this very, very cool artsy representation of US wind speeds, live. Warning, it loads slowly.

Sandy: C’mon Honey, it’s not Like it’s Armageddon!

As New York City, along with two or three entire states, prepares feverishly for the frontal assault of category 1 hurricane Sandy, I am left with a feeling of déjà vu, of sadness and resignation. Having spent 15 years in the Caribbean and another year in the south Pacific and Southeast Asia, I saw a fifth season added […]

Hurricanes and this Blog: Of a Coriolis-tic Origin

While hurricane Irene bore down on New York City last night, so steady in her course and yet spinning more wildly than a runaway top, I considered reminding my esteemed readers that both this blog and the storm it was writing about share a common origin. But then I thought that might be bad luck and I went […]