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Inspired by Marie, a new retroactive category for all things floral and fresh

Retour aux Sources - Part 2, Arrival
March 28, 2024
Flora, Français, On the road, South of France
The Big Apple was left behind on a Monday evening red-eye. Our hearts were heavy because Nkwe Pirelli, black kitty with white murder mittens, had not stayed behind before and our...
Maine Creatures Great & Small
June 12, 2021
Fauna, Flora, On the road
Borders remaining stiff, we badly needed an escape and took a few days to revisit our favorite Maine spot. Fall had turned early summer, or rather late spring. But the forests...
Dark Garden
May 26, 2017
Flora, New York
Being plagued by the modern disease of workaditis, I mostly get to see our wonderful Brooklyn garden when a late afternoon sun sinks lazily behind urban mountains called the Next...