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Amazing, strange or funny stuff – If it impresses me or makes my jaw drop, it fits here.

80 Days and 80 Nights at YVR
June 24, 2011
Cool, Vancouver
Some people couldn't care less about airports. They consider them mere utilities, no better than the dirty cab they took to get there or the ugly meeting room they are going to...
Interview with the Astronaut
February 8, 2011
Cool, Science
This goes back to December of 2010. It was all a bit surreal. I was absentmindedly moving food around my plate while listening to a man talk. Casually, he explained that the main...
Google Announces Self-Driving Car
October 10, 2010
Cool, Web winks
What do Minority Report and Total Recall fans, Google staff and most cell phone owners have in common? They dream of self-driving cars. Well, Google isn't only dreaming, it's...