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Category: Chameleons

A category dedicated to chameleons, and most specifically Cape dwarf chameleons around Cape Town, South Africa

Chameleons, 2020 Edition
April 6, 2020
Chameleons, Fauna, South Africa
With the world having plunged in utter chaos, looking at those pictures taken in the Constantia garden in February 2020 B.C. (Before COVID) makes me smile. They are such a good...
The Quest for Meeleon
September 15, 2016
Chameleons, South Africa
It's a long love story. Back in 2008, upon my first visit to South Africa and after hearing from various Cape Town informants that elusive chameleons were possibly to be found...
Chameleons revisited
December 26, 2013
Chameleons, South Africa
I guess we all have habits, rituals that create a protective comfort bubble within which to feel safe. Here is one of mine: As soon as practical after arriving in Cape Town, I...
Constantia Chameleons - 2012 Pilgrimage
December 26, 2012
Chameleons, Photoblogs, South Africa
The green belt in Constantia is changing. Some areas are being cleared, others encouraged to flourish. Paths are drawn, bridges rebuilt. After an obviously wet spring, the belt...
Cape Dwarf Chameleons, Annual Visit
January 5, 2011
Chameleons, Photoblogs, South Africa
Every year around this time, I pay multiple visits to the Constantia Cape dwarf chameleons (Bradypodion pumilum, I believe, thanks Jay and Guy for the great book!) - counting...
Even more chameleons...
February 2, 2010
Chameleons, Photoblogs, South Africa
Ok, this has become more than a hobby, I now feel under a pseudo-scientific obligation to document the whereabouts of those absolutely adorable creatures. We've finally found Cape...