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Category: Namib Trip

«Roasted in the Namib» – A special 10-part photo story of an epic road trip from Cape Town to the Namib Desert and back. Due to its narrative nature, this category is displayed in true chronological order: oldest posts first.

Slowly but surely
November 20, 2010
Namib Trip, Reviews, Stories
Below is a graphic representation of the pace at which my current bookmaking project is moving along. It will be a self-published feature to start with but I am planning on using...
Unpublished Namibia
November 9, 2010
Namib Trip, Photoblogs, South Africa
Digging into my 2009 image bank for a book project, I am finding little rough jewels that didn't make the cut back then but are making me sigh today... Sunrise in Sossusvlei,...
Roasted in the Namib, Part 9 - Epilogue
March 25, 2009
Namib Trip, On the road, Photoblogs
That day, again, it was a short drive inland to the Kersefontein farm, where we had booked a night. The farm came highly recommended and had been upgraded into a hospitality...