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Category: HDR

High(er) Dynamic Range Photography – A few tutorials but mostly a display of my HDR experiments.

Manhattan's Left Side
April 25, 2014
HDR, New York, Photoblogs
Egyptians were well known for their profile art. They seemed to only be able to draw faces from a sideways perspective. We have found kings, gods, cats and everything in between,...
And Manhattan Falls Asleep
November 10, 2012
HDR, Hurricane Sandy, New York, Photoblogs
With power coming back to her Don Quichottesque giants in increments, Lower Manhattan goes to sleep on yet an another partially dark night, Monday November 5, 2012. Shot in HDR...
I Was Not There...
June 29, 2012
HDR, New York, Photoblogs
So I can't tell you much about it. I know that people were wondering if the recent dropping of the fence, the truck tire tracks in the mud, the clearing of neighboring grounds,...
Sunset on Table Mountain, Part II
March 12, 2011
HDR, Photoblogs, South Africa
It would appear that, distracted by other issues, I spaced out and forgot to post half of the pictures associated with my previous Table Mountain Sunset story. So here they...
East River Bridges - A 360 Panorama
December 9, 2010
HDR, New York, Panoramas
Here’s a 360° HDR panoramic shot of the East River Bridges seen from the tip of the new Brooklyn Bridge Park. Winter has arrived and the air was quite chilly on the East...