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«Return to Chamonix»

A special 5-part photo-illustrated story of a trip to the French Alps. After decades of absence I revisit France, introducing Marie to the idyllic mountain town of Chamonix. I also have my paraglider with me and do an SIV over Lake Annecy.

Return to Chamonix, Part 1 – France Is In The Air

The year is 2019. With the exception of a couple of brief, in-airport layovers while flying to or from South Africa with my head in the clouds and thoughts adrift, it has been a decade and a half since I committedly set foot on French soil. A small eternity. So when, casually brandishing the double-edged […]

Return to Chamonix, Part 2 – Club Alpin Français

Seated in the garden behind the Chamonix house, a glass in hand and dreamy eyes on the peaks above, I set my thoughts adrift and land in Côte d’Azur, long, long ago. Tucked against a small cape covered in towering pine trees and lapped at by the scintillant Mediterranean Sea, the flowery town of Antibes […]