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Month: October 2006

A bridge over the Fraser River
October 31, 2006
The city of Richmond lies south of Vancouver. It doesn’t have much going for itself. Flat, populated, and with an odd mixture of industrial and agricultural land, it’s a...
Of magic, and unseeing eyes
October 26, 2006
If eyes are a mirror into one’s soul, does anybody around me even have a soul? (Sour grin)Eyes are shifting uneasily, biased and afraid. They stare straight ahead into...
When the fog creeps in
October 25, 2006
Last Saturday night, Vancouver was invaded by the most amazing fog bank I have ever seen, seemingly seeping right out of a scary movie. Of course I was stuck at work without my...
Night on the Bear Grouse Mountain
October 23, 2006
Yes, the title of this post was a direct allusion to Modest Mussorgsky's Night on the Bare Mountain, but since Grouse has bears, I figured... Ok, it might have been a little...
Visit to the Bloedel Conservatory
October 21, 2006
Question: What do the following creatures have in common?Answer: They are all above me in the great evolution scheme and I respect them for their superiority, like a soldier...