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Month: December 2007

2008 on final approach
December 31, 2007
Always, Schtroumpfissime
The New Year is upon us. It comes in from the East like a tsunami, rushing in, charging in at 463 m/s, faster than the speed of sound. If people were to shout Happy New Year to...
Never forgotten
December 26, 2007
Club Med, On the road, Quotes, Stories
"… When the bus drops us off at the rendez-vous point, a long hot day is getting old and Club Med 2’s silhouette thrones on a grandiose horizon background of oranges and reds....
December 26, 2007
It was born in the streets of France. It's strange. It's cool. It's dangerous. It's extremely impressive. And even the new James Bond endorses it. Don't think so? Think again....
Christmas '07
December 25, 2007
Photoblogs, Vancouver
When one misses one, the only thing left to do is drinking hot apple cider while watching an amazing Christmas lights display twinkle in the fading dusk... The place was...
An evening
December 23, 2007
Always, Schtroumpfissime
The Gipsy Kings are playing in the background, Tu quieres volver; the downtown lights shimmer through my windows, a rather wet evening is unfolding out there...Christmas is on...
Le bon vieux temps
December 19, 2007
This is for my super sister, found par hasard on YouTube, reminder that we were once young in a wonderful land, each with our dreams and heroes, and if our classics have in time...