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The animal kingdom is at our mercy. Will we preserve it?

Meaner pets
March 1, 2008
Fauna, Photoblogs
For local hazards, Americans have pit bulls and bears. South Africans, because they think like National Geographic editors, have baboons and ostriches. Don't be fooled. These...
February 23, 2008
Always, Fauna, On the road, South Africa
South Africa, in the mind of most people, is synonymous with game. Not poker. Not soccer. Game. As in big animals. No, not B'ush. Animals that are hunted down. And go on four...
Stanley Park Chickadees
October 16, 2006
Fauna, Photoblogs, Vancouver
A few days ago, while strolling around Beaver Lake in Stanley Park, I felt the slight brush of a feather against my head. Surprised, I looked up and realized a cute little bird...