The year was 1993. I had been working with Club Med for about a year when I finally got the assignment I’d been waiting for: a six month season on board Club Med 1 in the Caribbean. Then it was six more months on Club Med 2 in New Caledonia, which turned into a year and a fantastic cruise throughout Southeast Asia. And finally I was back on board Club Med 1 in the Caribbean for one last season and an Atlantic crossing.

I knew the day I stepped foot on board CM1 that I would be in love with her forever. And with her sister CM2. Since then, Club Med has parted with CM1 but CM2 still sails around the globe. Her five 50-meter masts, 7 sails (for a total of 2000 m2) and 187 meters in length make her the largest sailing ship in the world. Yet she only draws 5 meters and manages to slide into the most remote and shallow places. Wherever she goes, heads turn and jaws drop. She has the dignity of a queen and the perfect lines of a modern scuplture.

But if you want to find out more about “my” ships, you’ll have to learn French and read Les Aventures d’un GO désorganisé. I wrote a good part of it on board CM1 and CM2. Sadly, I didn’t own a digital camera back then and the pictures I am showing here aren’t mine. The copyright goes to Benoit Donne. Thank you Benoit!