The last few days went by faster than balls in the hands of a pétanque player. You know, you look forward to the event, then you show up, and the game starts, and one ball is gone, and you didn’t aim so well, others throw, then your last ball flies along a high arc and lands however it may, and you’re done. All that remains is retro-analysis, mental replay and the if‘s, maybe‘s and next time‘s. And memories.

Here is what getting up at 5 AM and a one minute walk yield in Rockport. This is unconventianal HDR with a twist – no tone mapping here but rather a combination of the now defunct FFDD6 script and Lightroom 4. Rockport is a town of painters and I had them in mind when processing these willingly soft images. The next ones will be more realistic.

Of course, after sunrise there would be lots of wandering around, wild cormorant feeding sessions and not one, but two strawberry-and-cream-cheese croissants at Helmut’s on the Bearskin Neck, along with a latte on the terrace overlooking the harbor. But this is another story.

Front Beach sunrise, Rockport, MA
Front Beach
The harbor, Rockport, MA