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Coriolistic Anachronisms | A photography blog oscillating between New York, Vancouver and Cape Town, gathering HDR photos and jotting notes along the way

Coriolistic Anachronisms


A Little Computer Engineering Magic

As we settle in lovely Carroll Gardens and I long to be regaining access to my camera and desktop computer, today's sci-fi keeps me in awe

I was recently reading an article about emerging processors, those mini-brains at the heart (yes I intended the anatomically incorrect metaphor) of all computers including the device you are reading this on. My jaw was left hanging low by the following sentence: This technology opens the door to…

The Flying Years – Part II

Warning: this is a somewhat geeky and aviation-obsessed story, about both real and simulated flying marvels we call planes

It is unlikely that I have ever dedicated a post to anybody other than Marie and a big black cat – except a manuscript, of course, which was dedicated to the late Gilbert Trigano, heart and soul of Club Med and indirectly responsible for sending me spinning through…

Good Bye Terrace

We are buckling our seatbelts 'cause Harlem is going bye bye

We are at T-minus a bunch of sleepless nights and steamy days, Brooklyn-bound at last, stubborn as beagles homing in on the cheese. Here in Harlem, nights are mild going on tropical and while fireflies for some reason have deserted us, the terrace is lush and…

Too Close for Comfort

Behemoth Carnival Splendor Gives Manhattan Cruise Terminal Pier a Close Shave Upon Departing Towards the Caribbean

Today I was running back home from work and did not have much time to stop, with for only pixel-gatherer, my Samsung phone. Coming up on the Air, Sea and Space museum hosted on the Hudson River aboard the USS Intrepid retired aircraft carrier, I…

The Life of a Cat

Short story of the domestic panther with a soft heart who was our best friend for long years

Blog reader: “Tell me how he died…” Vince: “I will tell you how he lived.” Adapted, with a smirk, from The Last Samuraï When I came to New York City eight years ago, inbound from beautiful Vancouver and landing at Newark’s International Airport for a coffee – yes, I had flown…