On an outing to Montauk yesterday I was treated with whales, spinner dolphins in the distance and a few seals poking their head through the rolling surf, which had attracted many boards. The scale of that humpback (at least I think that’s a humpback) is mind-boggling when you compare it to the fish desperately attempting to escape the scoop.

Humpback whale

And this morning, as I sipped my coffee, a minuscule ruby-throated hummingbird paid the terrace flowers a long visit.

Ruby-throated hummingbird

Nature is extraordinary, rewarding me with the smallest of birds and one of the mightiest animals in existence within twenty-four hours.

Ponder this: in the time it takes the whale’s heart to beat once, the hummingbird’s tiny heart has pumped hard over thirty times. The whale seems nonchalant but the bird lives fast and furiously, as it will all be over in a blink. And neither animal could fathom the existence of the other, they are just too far apart.