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Coriolistic Anachronisms | Bound for South Africa via Amsterdam

Coriolistic Anachronisms


Bound for South Africa via Amsterdam

As longitudes and latitudes are crossed and mixed once more, this blog is going to dive into a short hibernation. There might be a brief update or two from the road, wi-fi permitting, but otherwise I will see you all on the other side, not even 10 days from now.

This is not a photo trip and I don’t expect too many landscape opportunities, but Cape Town is incredibly photogenic and even on a social outing, one eventually finds scenes to aim a camera at. And then of course, there will be a chameleon update. Stay tuned.


  • Barbara

    Your photos made me shiver! I fly this route often, and have never been lucky enough to see these spectacular scenes (I always sit on the aisle) but might reconsider next time I leave Europe for Cape Town. They are magnificent. I might just save one and use it as my wallpaper…………………………
    Thank you.

    Comment logged on 2012-12-21
    • Vince

      Hi Barbara,

      Sorry for the late reply, this comment had somehow escaped my undivided attention! ;-)

      Glad you liked the pictures. If you are flying during the day and the weather is good (it should normally be in that area) I highly recommend a window seat. But you can also do what I did and go the the back, there are usually a couple of exit door windows and it lets you stretch your legs…



      Comment logged on 2013-1-7

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