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Month: July 2007

Vancouver's Celebration of Light
July 29, 2007
ICMU, Vancouver
A very small boy carrying a huge piece of driftwood creeps by in the darkness, the end of his load barely missing the tripod on which thrones Abe. She must shiver at the thought...
Invisible Light of the Deepest Nights
July 26, 2007
Photoblogs, Photography, Vancouver
It’s 2:30 am. All cats are gray and people are few. The streets are wet and shiny from hours of rain, but for the time being only a fine mist fills the air; it feels almost as...
Cascades Revisited
July 23, 2007
HDR, On the road, Photoblogs
They’re big, they’re high, they’re sharp and they reign over the local landscape like as many kings on their respective kingdoms. They are the volcanoes of the Cascades...
Of sunsets and mankind
July 15, 2007
HDR, Photoblogs, Schtroumpfissime, Vancouver
There's a lot more to sunset than meets the eye. From immemorial times, mankind has watched sunsets with a twinge of the heart and a sigh, while sunrises were left alone and...