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Month: April 2013

Monochrome Games
April 28, 2013
New York, Photoblogs
Having fun these days with black & white, long exposures and everything in between. The bottom shot is a 5:30 minute long exposure. Notice how the pilings' shadows appear...
Two Bridges, a Run - Part 2
April 23, 2013
New York, Photoblogs, Running
[This is part 2 of 2] I'm now entering Battery Park and go past the World Financial Center, along North Cove Marina. Runners had been casually showing up around me since...
Two Bridges, A Run - Part 1
April 20, 2013
New York, Photoblogs, Running
Having been spoiled by gems such as Vancouver's Seawall,  I tend to complain and moan about my New York runs. Nothing fresh, nothing green, nothing clean. In addition to normal...
A Push to the Catskills
April 16, 2013
New York, On the road, Photoblogs
In 2009, at the apogee of fall colors, Marie and I decided to take her visiting mother to the Catskills. Granted, Maureen comes from one of the most stunning places on earth - and...
Prospect Park Last Winter
April 5, 2013
New York, Photoblogs
As the mercury topped at 17 degrees Celsius today, it is fun to remember the past chilly days. Here, a walk through Brooklyn's Prospect Park while a trace of snow lingered on the...
Kaleidoscopic City
April 2, 2013
New York, Photoblogs
Following subdued black and white (re)views of the Big Apple a few days ago, here are fragments of the same surreality, polychromatic this time, clichés impacted into one...