Vancouver, like most other cool places, likes jazz. Our jazz festival is currently enthusiastically jamming – pardon the pun – the city streets.

Water St., main artery of Gastown, was closed off to car traffic for two days and on a perfectly sunny Saturday afternoon, I happened to wander by. Music was flowing from a stage set up in the middle of the street and a large crowd had gathered to listen. But off to the side, another crowd seemed to pay no attention to the musicians on stage and stared in awe, heads up and mouths gapping, at a building wall. I am not one to ever be left behind when it comes to looking towards the sky, so I got closer and looked up too.

There, high in the air, hanging from fixed ropes attached to the roof, four human spiders were dancing. They followed the music’s rhythm, graciously bouncing off the vertical facade, flipping, looping, incredibly avoiding the windows and seemingly weightless. The spectacle was eerie and the perspective defied imagination. I scrambled for the camera, slid through the crowd to the foot of the wall and captured these stunning images. (Note: don’t forget to click on one of them!)