One of the major rules of branding is that once an image is created, and it had better be a strong one, we must be very, very careful about any subsequent changes to the look. But since I am no Coco-Cola or Nike, I can afford to bend the rules. I love designing – not always very effectively – new logos and styles, so I make a point to change often.

You will have noticed the new logo top left. It follows a simplification trend. I have decided to eventually shed the word “photography” from my website’s name as there is more in here than just photos. I wanted the logo to have a strong photography flavor, but I also wanted it to be a passe-partout for everything I love: the wave represents mountains, the ocean and a bird at the same time. And it draws my initials V and M.

So comments are welcome, of course, as this is work in progress and I don’t really have a brand to tarnish.

The below is a look back at some of the various silliness that has adorned this blog and the main site throughout the eleven years of their life. Click on the different tabs and smile.