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Category: Kruger Trip

«Slingshot to Kruger» – A special multi-part story of the 2013, 5000 km road trip from Cape Town to the Kruger National Park in northern South Africa, right up against the border with Zimbabwe and Mozambique. Due to its narrative nature, this category is displayed in true chronological order: oldest posts first.

Slingshot to Kruger - Interlude
July 13, 2013
Fauna, Kruger Trip, Stories
(Brought to you with the help of Google Translate) "- Yeah, and good old Muddy's entire family was culled last week after he got carried away and led them through a...
Slingshot to Kruger - The Map
July 10, 2013
Kruger Trip, On the road
Due to popular request, I have created a map of the Kruger trip. You can zoom in using the navigation buttons top-left, and dragging with the mouse will move you around. Or...