I‘ve been using the very stable newest beta version of Firefox (1.5 Beta 2) for a few days now and more than ever love my browser. The final release of version 1.5 is expected later this year, but current 1.07 version performs just as well and everyone should check it out. Firefox turns the task of surfing the web into a pleasure. The tabbed browsing is awesome and extremely efficient; you can even reposition your tabs according to your needs. The smart search function highlights your query on the page as you are typing it. Skins allow you to easily change the looks of the program and extensions make it totally customizable.

Gmail notifier sitting on the status bar, scrapbook context menu option that lets me save a snapshot of a page as is, including Postdata, an fantastic bookmarks management window and the option to export them as an html file, an simple function that lets me assign a shortcut to any search field on any site and then do that search from the address bar whenever I want without even being on that site, an integrated Google search toolbar, opening mailto: links into my webmail, all of these are now part of a daily surfing experience and I love it!

Did I mention I like Firefox? ;-)