Light is a subjective value. We wander through our lives selfishly assuming that the universe is actually like we see it. But our eyes are merely giving us a single rendering of its multiple faces. There probably are as many versions of the world as there are species out there able to perceive it (not to mention the fact that we can’t even seem to agree upon a single reality within our own species…)

Nighttime, for instance, must be completely different seen through the sensitive eyes of a cat. Some light remains at night, invisible to us, but present nonetheless.

To illustrate this, compare the following pictures; the first was shot on a dark evening but still before sunset, and was underexposed a touch to simulate the human blindness as darkness falls over our eyes and heart.

The next, on the other hand, was taken just before midnight, with a 15 seconds exposure time, giving the scene this late afternoon look. Surprising, isn’t it? The light is there even if we don’t see it. But the camera does. And so must the cats.