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Coriolistic Anachronisms | Cape Ann birds

Coriolistic Anachronisms


Cape Ann birds

A short interlude while I’m working on a more picturesque rendition of Rockport…

These tree swallows (ID?) were swirling in a dense flock around the Good Harbour Beach, which we only visited because the outrageous parking fee had been lifted on a cloudy week-day afternoon.


  • marie

    These were wonderful birds. Beautiful pictures.

    Comment logged on 2010-8-23
  • Sigrid

    Sigh… these photographers… won’t show nothing but the best edited pictures… I want access to all the crappy ones too. Please?

    Comment logged on 2010-8-23
  • Vince

    You mean the other 95%? No way, I buried them in a cave and sealed the entrance…

    Comment logged on 2010-8-23
  • Karen

    I wish I had your luck photographing tree swallows when I spent the week at Chincoteague Island, Virginia. Huge masses of them were migrating south when I was there last October. All I could get were images of black dots.

    So, I’ll pretend these were the photos I could have taken if I had a better camera (maybe with the new Panasonic?). . .Or maybe I’ll pretend that I’m a better photographer than I really am. . . Or maybe I’ll just keep coming to your blog and admire your handiwork.

    Yep, that’s the ticket.

    Comment logged on 2010-8-23
  • Vince

    Yeah, I pretend that myself all the time, it really helps. But you’re always welcome in here, of course! And thank you for your kind words!

    Comment logged on 2010-8-24
  • Kat

    Obviously I’m a fan of your color pictures, but I think I will be even bigger fan of the black and white :)

    Comment logged on 2010-8-28
  • Vince

    Thanks Kat. I don’t do that very often but once in a while, it’s a lot of fun and it forces me to change my perspective…

    Comment logged on 2010-8-29

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