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Random flashback 2:

Another day, another bridge

Another day, another bridge

This time it was the Pitt River Bridge which crosses the river between Pitt Meadows and Port Coquitlam. Remote and hard to reach, the bridge is part of Highway 7 and even though it does feature a pedestrian lane on its north side, getting to…

Coriolistic Anachronisms | The Print Shop is Live!

Coriolistic Anachronisms


The Print Shop is Live!

Fancy a fine art print from these pages? Read on.

I have announced it multiple times, retracted it because of technical issues, have kept talking about it… Well all things come in due time. The shop is now live!

A carefully curated collection of photographs from Vincent Mounier Photography galleries as well as from this very blog are now available for purchase as mounted fine arts prints.

When an image in the VMP galleries is available as a print, there will be below the photo a link to the relevant print section, looking like this : Love this print ? A print is available !

I have populated the shop with some of my favorites and images that have been requested in the past. New images will become available for purchase over time. If one of your own favorites has not been added there yet, don’t hesitate to send me an email, I might be able to change that ! I will evaluate custom print requests based on the quality and printability of the image you like. Please keep in mind that not all images that look great on the web at a small resolution will print well at larger sizes.

Should you request a specific image for print, simply copy the entire URL when viewing the image on VMP. For instance “http :// – 289/”. If the image you like is a recent one from this blog, it probably will not have been added to VMP yet. You can reference it by right-clicking on it on the blog, choosing “Copy link” or equivalent, and pasting that entire URL in your message to me.

To create these modern and minimalist looking “MetalPrints”, dyes are infused directly into specially coated aluminum sheets, creating truly archival works of art. MetalPrints showcase a revolutionary new medium that is highly durable, waterproof, weatherproof, and ultra scratch-resistant. The unique printing method gives your photos a vibrant luminescence with incredible detail and resolution. When hung, these stunning prints will float off the wall.

When Marie saw the test print, her jaw dropped. “Let’s order more and cover the wall with them!” was the first thing she said.

Questions? Let me know!


  • Marlette Compion-Venter

    Dear Vince,
    Congratulations on both your persistence, and this business venture!

    The prints look phenomenal.

    I wish you much success.

    Comment logged on 2014-4-9
  • Lisa, London

    WOW! Congratulations. They are truly beautiful.


    Comment logged on 2014-4-9
  • Vince

    Well, I would not get carried away, it’s difficult to see how beautiful a print is without standing in front of it… But I can tell you, they are! ;-)

    Comment logged on 2014-4-9
  • Dreamer

    Bravo ! Way to go !!!

    Comment logged on 2014-4-9
  • Marie

    Well, you know how critical I can be (eep!) but I was blown away by the quality of the print we ordered. More!!!

    I LOVE that paper thin metal, and the way it stands in relief from the wall.


    And manufactured in the US of A!!!

    Comment logged on 2014-4-10

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