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Coriolistic Anachronisms | Bits and pieces

Coriolistic Anachronisms - Bits and pieces


A Smart shell

EasyPark, one of the major public parking companies in Vancouver, offers a 50% rebate to environment-friendly cars. All hybrids get the discount which has just been extended to Smart Cars. Yeah, but Smart Cars… I can see some heads shaking. I wouldn’t want to be…

Geeky Toys

There are quite a few fantastic toys keeping me busy these days. First there’s Timothy Farrar’s FFDD5 set of scripts and actions for the digital darkroom. I’m experimenting with simple sets of 3 bracketed RAW exposures and blending them into an HDR digital negative that…

Blogging in music…

Well since these are geeky days, I’m temporarily experimenting with streaming music directly on the blog. You will have noticed the simple controls at the top just below the main menu. I’ve set the music to begin playing automatically for now, to attract attention to…

Ongoing template tweaking

Thanks to my amazing powers of observation, I’ve noticed that most visitors to the blog do not care to comment. So I’ve decided to make it easier on them/you by customizing the page with the addition of a simple "View / Hide Comments" button at…

Pandora: very musically yours

Suggested recently by Bee, Pandora has immediately managed to eclipse ShoutCast as my online streaming music player. ShoutCast is great but basically a simple collection of online radio stations, streamed to the users without giving them any control on what they listen to other than…