UPDATE: Apologies to those of you who were stuck with the Rockport panorama coming up instead of this one. There was a conflict between two panoramas on the same page (sloppy coding on my part, I placed them in identically named DIV’s.) What happened is that once you switched to the comment page, a single pano was loading and thus, worked fine. This should all now be fixed!

Here’s a 360° panoramic shot of a newly opened section of the Brooklyn Bridge Park, to echo a much more substantial post by Marie. It was taken last week at night on the way back from the overrated Grimaldi’s Pizza, where we’ll probably never go again, just not worth the trouble and wait. Maybe I’ll post about that later.

Click on the “Full Screen” icon and then click and drag to navigate within the image in all directions.

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Notice the tidal pool and public boat ramp, probably intended for launching kayaks. Curious to see how vehicle access will be regulated. Also in the background, the 4 levels of the very poorly located and inconvenient BQE highway, with the lower service road, two levels of opposite high speed traffic and the pedestrian Brooklyn Promenade at the top…