Throughout the lengthy cherry blossoms season, I’ve roamed around the Greater Vancouver seeking the best blooming areas and the most flower covered trees. I explored Kitsilano all the way to UBC, visited the Queen Elizabeth Park, surveyed the Northern end of Commercial Drive. These were all very nice (see the previous post for proof.)

But I should have known better. As often in Vancouver, the best was to be found right in the heart of downtown. There, in the middle of an urban sea ursin of high rises, nested against the Burrard SkyTrain station, is the most magnificent cherry blossom display of them all. The air smells of flowers and pedestrians can’t help but to stare and smile as they catch a glimpse of the snowcapped mountains framed between high towers of tinted glass and a foreground of blooming trees.

There’s Vancouver in a nutshell. Flowers and concrete, sunshine and rain, fire and ice.

“Like the most vivid of dreams, the city is reinventing itself: something curious, perhaps miraculous is happening here.”

[Lance Berelowitz – Dream City]