As promised, here are more Cape Point pictures.

After the critters, I’ve decided to combine flowers and landscape in one post since they are part of each other.

Cape Point

I guess it is appropriate that I am writing this on New Year’s Eve and the word “hope” is in the title. The ability to hope has to be one of our greatest strengths. It focuses our mind and, far from being a passive, fatalist attitude, it channels our will into action and turns coincidences into fate.

The hopes of explorers rounding the Cape when they discovered it were certainly very different from the hopes of its inhabitants today. But one thing is for sure, the settlers did not simply hope, they acted upon those hopes to build forward. And so should we, now. (The battle of good against evil is another topic and despite the presence of the word “good” in my title also, I will leave this one for another day…)

Happy New Year to the blue planet and its fleas. May we keep on hopping.